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Calligraphy tools

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I've used and use multiple tools to make calligraphy art and I plan to share what I know of them here. I am from India and if you are around here too, availability won't be an issue.

DELUXE AMBITIOUS lettering set - These were my first calligraphy lettering set. They are simple and cheap. Each set has 5 nibs and ink cartridges can be found in almost all stationeries. The set is great to start with.

PARKER - Relatively expensive, smooth to use. They have 4-5 have nibs and longer cartridges, different from all the other pens I've used - which limits the colours to what Parker provides. Except that they give an ink converter - a device you can fill ink in and put in place of the cartridge.

ARTLINE Calligraphy pens - I personally don't recommend them as they are rough and not available in many colours.

KURETAKE CALLIGRAPHY METALLIC COLORS - These are one my favorites, rich pigmented colors and dual tips (one thinner than the other). I bought specific metallic colors and they work beautifully on both dark and light surfaces. Only thing, I feel at times both tips are giving a slightly different color, which is odd because it's the same ink. The tips are really strong, like it will take some pressure to break them, don’t aim to though.

CALLICREATIVE - These are basically sketch pens with a calligraphy tip. They are easier to carry and come in various colours (even white). They have different tip sizes available, at least for black color.

Regular HIGHLIGHTERS - These are not calligraphy pens. But can work in the same way if you want to not invest but give calligraphy a try. How to use them can be understood by looking closely at the videos of how to make calligraphy art. Highlighters have a diagonal tip and when held at certain angles, they can work as calligraphy tools. I don't like neon colours much so I don't use them as much, however they are definitely useful when nothing else is available.

KAWECOSPORT - Expensive and probably available online only. No extra nibs but oh-so-beautiful body. I bought it but the nib was so thin I took the risk and cut it to make it thicker, so that when I write, the thickness variations among the lines is clearly visible.

HANDMADE pen - That can be anything you make actually - wood is usually it, with or without metal nib. For this you use ink pots. I have not tried these enough to comment.

Other BASIC material that you will need: Pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, sheets (100gsm and above)

That's it for now!

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