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October 2018 was the month of release of my first book: ‘A Monthful of Hope’. I co authored it with Ankita Khanna. She was my therapist for quite a few years and has been one of the most inspiring women in my life. She’s a kind woman with a big heart. She understood me and helped me sail through a lot and has a huge role in shaping who I am or will ever be. Seeing her smile is like a warm hug. I consider myself lucky to get to create this book with her.

This book consists of 30 messages (reminders for the worse days) that Sasha the mouse gives to you one day each for a month long. Every message is accompanied by a simple watercolor illustration.


What helps us on our bleakest days?
When life feels too tough, getting out of bed is just too darn hard, and hope is hard to find?
You are not alone. We all have those days.
In this book, we have tried to put together – A monthful of hope – for you.


For latest updates about the book, click on the blog category - A monthful of hope - in the blog section on this website.

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