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STABILO Swing Cool Highlighter Pen Pastel (Stationery Sunday Post)

If you are like me, you’d know that the general neon-colored highlighter pens are no treat to the eye and pretty much ruin any aesthetic you try to maintain in your notebooks. I have always wished for better highlighter pens and this pack on Amazon won my heart!

STABILO Swing cool highlighter pens pack has six sweet and trendy pastel-colored highlighter pens.

Imagine the colors baby pink, peach, yellow, mint green, teal, and purple coated by a soft white creamy layer and still being bright enough to be visible, that is these highlighter pens. I was worried about the yellow being too bright before I received the pack but I was dazzled when I tried it out!

I have been using these pens for a while and I am impressed by the quality, they have already lasted 6 months without any issue and I can’t check but the ink doesn’t seem to be even near over. They are handy to use and stylish & easy to carry around. Each one is approximately 12 cm*1 cm*1 cm in size.

They can be used to highlight notes in books and papers and better even to make your journals more attractive.

I use them to color little doodles, make borders, highlight or write headings, fill check-boxes, and more in my bullet journal. There is no limit to how creative you can get!

The tip has 2 line widths – 1mm and 4mm. Both of which I find useful, for underlining and highlighting.

The pack says 4 hours anti-dry technology, I have not kept them open for more than 10 minutes continuously, so I can’t say from experience but I have not been disappointed in any other way so I’d believe it.

I can say though that they are in the same good condition as when I bought them which was 6 months back.

They have water-based ink and on testing, I found that they don’t run if a brush full of water is brushed on top (even multiple times). I have uploaded a picture of the test swatch.

I tested how the highlighter pen works with Ball-pen, Gel-pen, and Micron pen, and the following are my observations.

Highlighter pen above other pens (on paper):

Ball pen: No smudge, Gel Pen: Ink runs, Micron: No smudge with light pressure

Other pens abive highlighter pens (on paper):

Ball pen: Little difficulty in writing, Gel pen: Ink runs, Micron: No problem

Tip: When you know you are about to write a topic in your journal, put highlighter first and then use a pen. It keeps things neater.

These highlighter pens are costlier than the ones we buy generally but if you are a stationery addict or someone who simply wants to make one’s notes calmer and prettier, this is a great investment.

You can also buy them for gifting a friend or family member of any age (The product can be used by your school going cousin as well as a friend in office) or yourself too, maybe, spend that money you saved for the month’s self-love gift!

These highlighter pens are available in packs of 4 and 6! Check out for yourself!

Amazon link: Click here

If you find this review useful, please like the post and leave a comment. If you choose to buy the highlighter pens, I urge you to do so through the link I have put on the blog, as I am using affiliations.

See you next Sunday for another Stationery product review!

Thanks for reading, stay safe!

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