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Artist's statement

Title: Open

Date: January 2021 - July 2021

Size: 15.3*20.7*0.8cm (132 A5 sized pages)

Medium: Artist’s book with artworks (Watercolors, ink, graphite, acrylic paint, and photographs)

OPEN is an artist’s book that compiles artworks made to represent the hardships faced by the artist through a particular phase of life. Keeping in mind the context, that is the perspective of a young girl student living in an urban, developing city in India, studying in a franchise of Delhi Public School, belonging to an upper-middle-class family – through her high school years when she got diagnosed with a mental disorder.

OPEN intends to initiate conversation around mental health, a topic covered with stigma. The book shares the artist’s journey so to let the viewer know that they are not alone, that they’re okay, that things get better and there’s always hope.



FIND NOW the Kindle Version at:

OPEN E-book Link



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