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Doodle Dabba Squared Notebook (Stationery Sunday Post)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I first came across Doddle Dabba at the beginning of 2018. I saw the Instagram account and then the squared notebooks and knew I had to get one!

I feel like, Doodle Dabba - by Khushboo Gupta, has grown in front of my eyes! I adore her work and I had to review her notebook!

The product I bought back then is the same I bought again this year. Personally, a squared notebook/ diary/ journal is so hard to find, this comes as a miracle.

This notebook has the sweetest artwork on top, made by Khushboo. There is a variety of designs you can check out here.

The size is handy, it's a 7 by 7-inch notebook with 112 (blank/unruled) pages of 115gsm paper thickness.

It is super reasonable! Doodle Dabba's packaging is lovely and feels like festive gifts - caring, cozy, heart-warming.

I received two postcards, a thank you note, and Khusboo's business card along with the notebook.

For the purpose of reviewing, I used acrylic paint, watercolor paint, brush pen, and micron pen on the first page. None of them seeped through the sheet and that is admirable.

The paper is a bit textured and off white in color making it more tasteful to many of us. Writers, artists, planners - this is for all of you!

If you are looking for a (reasonably priced) package of joy to give yourself or someone else, this is the thing to buy.

The notebooks and Doodle Dabba as a brand, have an inspiring, happy, loving vibe (rooting from the artist of course) and now that we are becoming more aware of supporting local businesses, this is quite an attractive offer?

Link to the exact same notebook: Click here

I hope you found this review useful, stay tuned to find more, every Sunday!

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