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FineTec Mica Based Pearlescent Watercolor (Stationery Sunday Post)

Hey, welcome to the second post of Stationery Sundays! This post is on - FineTec Mica Based Pearlescent Bronze Watercolor paint cake.

A while ago I saw an artist, I follow on Instagram use shimmery, glittery, metallic color watercolor and it was irresistible to get one. Unfortunately, they are really expensive as most of them are imported and difficult to find in any local stationery. I found one set available in a stationery shop in Gurugram, a set of 6 gem colors (brand – Gansai Tambi). I would like to not get into that deeper as they didn’t suit me well.

After pondering for a long time, I ordered FineTec Mica Based Pearlescent Bronze Watercolor paint (30 mm x 22 mm Rectangular Pan).

When it came in a huge packaging, the kind Amazon usually does (for safety) and it was just a little pan, I felt unsure and low key worried whether or not I spent money on the right product but after trying it out there was just pure joy! I have been using this little beautiful paint for 2 years now and I ABSOLUTELY love it!

First of all, it is opaque and so in one to two strokes. Watercolors by nature are supposed to allow transparency, this color allows that too if you mix more water, but if you don’t it allows the paint to be opaque on paper. I find it immensely useful as I can use it on a black sheet of paper or black acrylic paint properly.

The shine is magnificent. So many times, when you buy a product that says it shines – it basically really doesn’t. But that is not the case with this one, this paint quality is amazing and you will actually be able to see it sparkle. I have attached small videos with every picture, moving the paper with swatches so you can see the metallic paint sparkle. :)

I like the consistency of the paint; I was skeptical it might be lumpy but the pigment grain is fine and applies smoothly.

These paints come in colors other than bronze too, gold, silver, copper, orange copper, and what not!

It can and does mix with other watercolors, here I have mixed it with two colors (Crimson and Indigo) from Camlin Artist Watercolor set (of 24) and posted an image. With Crimson I have also shown variation by increasing the amount of water in the solution.

When used over black ink (micron pen 0.5), the color is opaque enough to hide the ink mark. Using pen over the paint is spoiling the tip of the pen and the ink spreads even if the paint is dry. As I mentioned before, I usually use this paint in its opaque form over dark watercolor or acrylic backgrounds. I have given two little samples to show how.

Tip: Use a separate little jar or container of water for this paint. That stops other paint to get glittery and allows you to waste very little paint in washing (the brush).

If you want to experiment with new material on your artist’s desk, this will be a worthy investment. I have made one of my most valuable artwork with this. These paints just as interesting and fun for a hobbyist!

Amazon link: Click Here

Please comment and tell me what questions come to your mind when you buy a new stationery product? I will try to answer them in future posts!

I hope you found this post useful, give a like and share if so!

Thank you, take care!

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