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Yelahanka neighborhood map for Srishti students

Hey, for when after the situation heals and you finally go to college, take the shortest route!

When I went to Yelahanka New Town as a student in the Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology two years back, I found it difficult to find the 6 campuses, shops, and other places within the small area. Especially when I got ready in the morning and had to leave quickly, locating the campus, made me late. So, I marked a few important landmarks and made a small personal google map to find locations quickly and understand them in context to each other and learn. It helped me navigate the very CURVY, CRAZY and CONFUSING streets of YNT. I thought it might help some of the new students too, so here.

Link to Map

Existing students mail me at or post comments to suggest edits or add-ons for places you think would be useful! I am trying to find locations of all PG messes, so if you could send yours, it would mean a lot!

Your little contribution could help me and consequently more students.

Like, comment, and share this post if you find it useful!

Enjoy! :)

Stay safe

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