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Update: Stationery Sunday Posts

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hi dear humans,

I realized that I have a lot of work and a project I would like to dedicate more time on, times are already tough, many loved ones are going through something major and I myself am going through a 'change phase' in my life. So I am thinking I would post stationery Sunday posts as and when possible. I will focus on worthy (according to me) stationery items and give a meaningful review instead of just picking a product, like it or not and try to review it quickly. I do actually have quite some products in my mind but clearly I am not able to juggle all the work. I will try my best to post at least twice a month and send you a newsletter if you are in my mailing list.

Apart from that, I hope you are doing well and have shelter and food and are healthy. I hope you don't feel lonely. And I hope you remember - You have a choice, I have a choice, we all have a choice.

How to get into my mailing list?

Send me an email on with the subject - Add me

What are Stationery Sunday posts?

Stationery Sunday Posts - are a series of posts I upload on Sundays (not every) which have information about a particular stationery item and my expansive review on it. I usually provide a link to where you can buy it from (if you purchase online). Often I am affiliated with the product so encourage viewers to buy from the link I provide to show support, it does not add any costs to the buyer. Check out all posts in this category by clicking on the category's name - Stationery Sunday Post (in the top of the blogposts page or at the bottom of this post).

Take care of yourself and don't give up, not yet.

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