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Title: Channa

Year: 2019

Material used: Fishing net, scissors, spray paint

A week back, I bought a fish

Betta fish - sesame fighting fullmoon

I searched about them and learnt

It is a male, named him Channa

/paani me bhigoya hua/

I was excited and fed him on time

Talked to him as if he's mine

First two days were so full of energy

I got him stones, plant, sand,

bigger place to live

Next two I noticed all he does

Is eat swim and sleep

Thought 'how boring'

Until I realised that it was me

Who was the reason for him to only

Eat swim and sleep

Only exist

I was bothered

It didn't feel right

I searched places

Talked to myself and let him go

In the waters, day before

Channa was beautiful

And I hope he's alive

And if dead, I hope he felt some happy

For at least his last swim must have been free-er

Than all the others

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