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Insta Live with Children First and announcement of the FREE softcopy of the book

Ankita is a part of the Children First community. She's a psychologist and arts based therapist and the head of Services, Children First, Gurgaon, currently. Children first gave me and Ankita an opportunity to speak in one of the Insta lives that they were doing at the time. I was thrilled. :)

It was mainly a book reading. We talked about hope through the pandemic (Corona virus) and read out few pages from the book which we thought were relevant to the on-going scenario.

In the end, we also announced that we are putting the book up on the internet as a free pdf and anyone should feel free to access, read and share it if they wish. It was a collective decision made by me and Ankita as we thought that it could help someone during this really rough time.

Here's the link to the softcopy of the book: Link

I am thankful to CF for everything they have given me. There is just too much to make a list.

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