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Updated: Feb 28, 2020


So this is something I made long back and gifted to my professor. The resolution of the image isn’t that great. Story behind this artwork: William Blake was a romantic artist. He belonged to a working class background. He lived his later life in poverty however he had a comfortable childhood. His family was a family of dissenters. He was openly anti-establishment and a sensitive person. He lived in London and witnessed the world in transition. He saw the humanity moving towards imbalance. He was a visionary. An extra-ordinary visionary. He was well-read and knew different languages. He did not make much sense to people of his time and was labelled mad. He worked through illuminations. The first poet in Europe working through 2 media. He felt that Bible has been corrupted. His work had a duality. Songs of innocence was written in 1789 and Songs of experience in 1794, both were combined in 1794. The lamb is a poem by Blake, which is a part of Songs of innocence and The tiger is a part of Songs of experience. I have combined those two to create this piece of art. Medium used (watercolor) is the same as of Blake’s illuminations. The colors are blue and red indicating the blending of opposites. Bold black marker is used to show the combination of light and dark. The visual is in a shape of yin yang, again emphasizing on duality. One is the face of lamb and opposite to it is the face of a tiger. Some little blue is used in red and vice versa to show the emphasis on the idea of yin yang. All in one, creating balance contradicting to what Blake saw.

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