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Wall painting - August 2020

Some time back, I needed time to think whatever came to my mind because I was not able to focus on anything and wanted to scream, take out the energy. So. I painted.

A lot. Enough to get tired. With a small brush. And let the stream of thoughts work their way through.

I understand why I feel low. And it's alright. I need to give myself time to heal. Until then and after that too, I will continue to express what I feel as I create.

Have been meaning to paint this wall, finally did last to last night.

I saw on Pinterest one day that dark coloring a wall makes the room look smaller and I wanted that, I don't like huge rooms, smaller, cozier feel good, so I painted this wall relatively of a darker color.

Have been feeling like clouds (good from far), wanting to feel like thunder (stronger, amazing)

This was good. Everything's better with paint.

Some time lapse pieces! -

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