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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

It was not so long ago, I learnt a few lessons. He taught me and I have no problem in accepting that. Independence to me is a mirage, we all want to live in. I love myself and if I don’t I will say it repeatedly until I do. I love myself because if I had a flawed broken child I would have loved her too. And what concept is it to accept only the good (happiness) in you when you know the hurt exists too. Why accept only the love you spread when you feel and spread hatred too. Is that being arrogant? So what? So what if others think so? What if I am? That’s me! And what’s more satisfying and important than being me, today? Today, when all I have is me and all I shall ever have is going to be me and the day. Things are problematic, acceptance is a tool, change is good, but no change isn’t bad either. And then, we all grow. So did I. So will I. And still not fear to express how I feel today. As that’s all I have. Today. So what if my expression is a rant or a piece of art? A motivation or a waste of paper to all? It’s a part of me that has existed and lived today. And I better cherish is. Cause today is all I have and all I ever will. And what if I don’t cherish and enjoy? So what if my bad days overpower my good ones? How will I learn until I practice? Practice to live today. In today. And I know. With all my heart and mind, I know, it’s not too bad until you are there, today Edit

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