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The horror of a cough (Series)

Title: The horror of a cough (Series)

Number of art works: 3

Size: 20*21cm (approx.) each

Medium: Acrylic paint on paper, Lino-cutting

Year: 2020

Artist Statement: Every time a loved one coughs, everyone around is alert with fear, anticipating the unavoidable chain of thoughts, the terror of catching the Virus is extremely intense, quite contradictory to the cough or the sneeze. I have tried to showcase that imagination of the person that’s looking at the loved one cough in this series. The three paintings are in an order portraying how one cough leads to the thought of losing a loved one or something just as painful and dark. I have used bold colors to show the quick change in the emotion, white for the simple moment, red for the dread and black for the anticipated pain of loss and the inability to know the future. The repeated reckless stamping in the second painting show how severe the imagination of the situation becomes.

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