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Sweet Vandalism

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Trascribing thoughts (From December 4):

Took some picutres today at HauzKhas, I wonder what people's thoughts are on it?

But I think it is the sweetest kind of vandalism possible. Its kind of filled with hope and love and so many exciting and positive emotions. Like, imagine two people standing there and saying something like "I don't know how long we will last but our names will be here forever" or some thought like "I'm so sure about you that I'd fearlessly write our names in a public space and I know I'll never regret it", some promises, or something like.. and it doesn't even have to be a deep thought or something. You know something like "Hey I'm so glad we're dating or we're friends" or just "Let's write our names here because everyone does that and that's so cool" Or something like, just writing your name with someone because you have a crush on that person and hope to, you know, someday be with them. Or writing your name with someone who you were once with and you wish was here. It feels like some harmless, innocent mark making, some expression, some catharsis, some humans being humans and their wants finding spaces.

Any kind of thought you might have while putting your name with someone in a heart shaped thing. Sharing that thought, sharing that feeling with an inanimate object like a wall and sharing that wall, that space with other people, I think is quite fascinating and beautiful. I mean how can it not be beautiful? Two things come to my mind. One, nobody really owns anything in this world. So vandalism in it's own self is a really skewed concept. Which wall is whose is just a matter of time. And the forts especially, the people who actually built them are done and dead. Sure, preserve it but today's moments, these relationships that are important to people who are alive now, how are they any less important to cherish and preserve. People sharing a significant moment in their life, maybe when they first kissed or where they first met, I think it's beautiful. It is a free-er expression of love.

Second thing that comes to my mind is that I know many of us like our notebooks neat and clean, kind of, the notes to be where the notes are and the headings to be where the headings are but after all the scribbles are the ones that tell the most honest stories of the people who have owned these notebooks. Yes the neatness in itself speaks a lot, but you know what I mean. Scribbles is where we are most innocent and honest. And I think that these inscriptions people are making on the wall, with a stone scratching their names with their lovers' is a scratch on the world's obssession with order.

I think we can appreciate this part as a part of the whole fort, the whole experience of visiting a place.

And ofcourse, we don't have to like the way other people show love, other people might not like the way we show love, everybody has different ways of showing love, feeling love, understanding love. We are all different and let's just accept people for who they are. Infact I think we can actually admire the wall because I cannot even imagine how many people, how much love has gone into this patient violent act of etching or engraving your name with someone you care about, trying to make it stay. It takes some effort, you know?

So yeah, I think it's beautiful. It's the sweet kind of vandalism.

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