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Sunflar enerji (Sunflower energy)

Super cool? Let's face it, I am. :D

(Though my friends said this one's cute)

This is a picture I took yesterday (13-1-21) in a hoodie I bought and wore for the first time yesterday, and then there are all the edits I made because of sunflar enerji!

Sunflar enerji - What's that, darling?

Sooo, I met my brother last week, and he was wearing a yellow sweatshirt, and I told him it looked great. It was refreshing to my eyes in all the wintery greys. He told me he bought it for that very reason. His wardrobe, like (probably) most of ours, is filled with black, grey, blue, dark shades of dark colors, and every light color muted! Now I love beige and browns and greys and off-whites and find them all very aesthetic, but he had a good point. He said, and I agree, we could all use some color; the world could use some color.

With the masks on, no one can see a smile, but at least our clothes can feel upbeat. I believe that everything we own, we wear, we carry says a lot about us, and this winter, I want to bring some Sunflar Enerji with me to share when I can.

So the yellow hoodie. :)

Do you like the idea? If so, next time you shop, buy one yellow clothing and spread some unspoken sunflar enerji and share pictures with me too cause that would be so cool and fun! :)

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Jan 14, 2021

That is so true. In some countries like Japan yellow is also considered as the colour of courage.

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