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My peace is mine

A while back, as I danced slowly in my room through an intended trance, I felt like writing. A line kept coming to my mind - my peace is mine, my peace is mine. I didnt want to stop the swinging relaxing movements so I picked a white board marker and wrote on my cupboard. It was a sweet flow, a kind prose, it felt natural and comforting and precious. It felt like a loving hand extended towards me.

Later I took a picture, noted it in my mental health diary and eventually rubbed from the cupboard. I am sharing it here because it was a dear experience, I wonder how you feel as you read it. I felt liberated with love, and I just really like the melody of these sentences. I think I am fond of the memory of the event. Step step write a line, my peace is mine and wave.

"My peace is mine

To feel

To maintain

To sustain and retain

To lose and regain

To create and design

To bring and let go

To work on and for

To be in and with

To love and keep

To share

To birth joy from

My peace is mine

I am okay

I am free

My peace is mine

to dance to the beat of

To talk or write about

To dip in and soak

To hug and kiss

I breathe in, hold

I breathe out

I tap

I be

Kind to myself

Let the pain release

Let the fear decrease

Let loose

Just live

You're okay, you're free

You're infinite."

From white board (cupboard) to diary to typing, a few lines have changed but the essence remains the same.

Dear reader, take a deep breath, close your eyes for 5 seconds and do that more often.

Take care of yourself, free soul. :)

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