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Inspired art/ Fanart/ Remake of Darren Thompsom's painting

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I got acquainted to Darren Thompson's work on Pinterest randomly about 4-5 months ago.

The painting I saw, the girl in the park, I could not take it out of my head for about 50 days. Really couldn't. I mean, I was living, doing life, but it was stuck in my head. You know? Kind of like a lover.

I was so awestruck that it just played like background music in my head.

At one point, it obviously became my phone wallpaper. (I really wanted to put up a picture that reminds me to read but then with this painting, it itself became the centre of attraction.)

I was so amazed by the intricate details he not only noticed but also recreated in his work. The task as mundane as sitting in (what seems like) a park and reading was so honestly, realistically and beautifully portrayed.

This was my first encounter with paintings portraying people reading, realistically, without exaggeration. (the ‘first’ part - I should probably be ashamed of as an artist but never mind)

After many days of my first introduction to the painting, and me staring at and mulling over it, I finally decided to see more of his work. (I don’t know if you understand but this is a part of my process, I didn’t want to taint my thoughts with new paintings until I was done with this.)

But when I did. WOW. I was so happy.

In a series of paintings where he captures people reading, no matter what and who he drew, things didn’t fit perfectly but so humanly. The paintings felt natural. The ride from seeing the paintings and thinking about them to understanding the mood of the paintings was so smooth... (Understanding – a super subjective concept of course). I didn’t feel burdened by excessive or unnecessary information and I really liked that.

His work as I understand comes under impressionism and I already love how powerful ‘hints’ of colorful shaped forms can be.


I know I am repeating but seriously!? His work captures life for what it is. He really actually did it!

And AND not only did he capture nuances of the humans and human surroundings; he also picked moments mid-movements and drew them. And that so well…

The street compositions I couldn’t relate to, sitting in a different part of the world with extremely different experiences and environment and even different time! BUT I am sure they speak honestly of what is on the street.

These differences I think, limited my understanding of the paintings. If I understood the context better, I might be able to appreciate the work even more. I want to. But well, from what I saw and understood, he really got it right. I think, he did justice to the subject/s of his paintings.

I really wanted to remake that first painting so here is the digital artwork I created. I added some elements aiming to put more emphasis on the ‘reading’ part of the story. I didn’t want to explain everything but since I am in a talkative mood, the sparrow on the shoulder of the woman is reading the woman as the woman reads the book – both stories, right? The woman is so still-ish and engrossed that a bird can sit on her (and we know sparrows get scared of the slightest movements). The bag, because the woman character in my head, can’t do with one book alone and plus water bottle, wallet and all… I don’t want to share these my-my thoughts anymore so... But you get the gist. Then there are colors I like, okay bye.

Long, long write up.

But, major thanks to Darren Thompson, viewing his work was an honor. I am inspired.

Take care 😊

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