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I'll just stand here

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Art created with, for - Ayaskala.

Many individuals experience social anxiety when they are in a social gathering or any situation that requires socializing with other people.

They feel like they are being observed rather judged by people or they need to be someone they are not to be accepted, or they are being (or will be if they say anything) laughed at or ridiculed. They often fear to speak or/and fear to deny or/and fear to demand what is rightfully theirs or something they want or/and do not want to grab any kind of attention.

At mild levels we all contain these fears but as the levels of anxiety rise, all logics are overpowered and all that remains is a fight or flight defence. From people I’ve known, most go silent and feel constant panic inside.

This painting showcases an individual and her thoughts as she stands in a social gathering right after putting food in her plate. The person is scared to approach anyone or any table as discomfort and fear of judgements clouds her. She looks at every place she can go to and finds a reason to not be there. In the end, (which can vary) she just stands where she is and eats her food waiting for the party to end to go home.

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