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FRELL - A font

There is freedom in writing and not to be read. I have always found solace in speaking in sounds that belong to no known language but make complete sense in my head as I say what I feel. It allows me to be honest and vulnerable without fear. And if someone does hear, they need to listen closely, and if you do listen close enough that it makes sense to you, I would believe you entirely deserve the honor to know what I mean. Haha. I cannot be grateful enough for every form of art - that allows this expression.

Asemic writing I learned last year is one way to do the same. Our professors introduced us to the concept. I fell in love with the art form and have been meaning to make this since. A personal font to English alphabets - written as if I were rushing and not wanting someone to understand; the kind of handwriting in our diaries and journals - for the sentences we don't want to re-read and the facts we don't want to remember.

Finally, I made one such font now - with the help of an online (super-easy) application called Calligraphr.

I have named it Frell - merging two keywords - Freedom and Illegible. I will not give out the font with legible alphabets because that kind of kills the purpose, but here are two images.

Image 1 - says Frell A font by Semesta Cruinne.

Image 2 - is a note of personal thoughts - which remains private even on a public forum, and I feel that that's super cool! :D

Hehe, my code.

Okay, it was fun sharing this. If you're here, thanks for reading my blog post.

Take care of yourself and stay inspired! :)

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