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Cry; Done?; Quiet; Grow; Bloom

/sitting in class watching the presentation the professor is showing/ /professor speaks/ "And this is Tony Oursler's paintings, he blablabla.. ...and... Lalala... And dadada..." /Meanwhile in my head/ "Ughh, creepy I want to look closer at it Smudged lipstick Eyes General things, just not in the order we are used to seeing Changed the context Oh Actually interesting That's crazy Wow What's that in that corner? Oh a flower of eyes A flower... Of eyes... I want to make it when I go home"

/7pm at home/ /In my head/ "I want to make it I have 40 sketches to do Okay but"

/11pm at home/ /With a grin/ "Hehe"

/While making/

"Blue, no Yes This could be eyes crying And then yes"

"You know, there could be a mandala of eyes."

"These colours are like JenAranyi's galaxy."

"Title is - Cry, shut up, grow, bloom .. is that too rude? I could dedicate this to people who have recently gotten their hearts broken! Yahh!! Yaaahhhh.... I don't know what to name it I'll just narrate everything that happened. Hm.. Okay. Maybe."

"Could Tony Oursler be on Instagram? Should I tag him? What if he reposts me! Will I be famous!!? But is he alive.. I don't know if he is here now. I need to check online. Will do. I should know more about the artist before drawing this... Or after's cool too? Okay."

"I can be neater.. Always."

"What if someone drew their eye on their eyelid! Makeup artists! Someone must have already done it, will google."

"I have to draw eyelashes.. oh no.."

"Cockroach looking eyes. Do they.. look like eyes? Whatever."

/12:30am/ "I think I am done. I should delete some parts from what I have written.. I sound stupid.. But I am many times.. Honest.. But what about filtering. I don't know, it's part of the art, let's just leave it as it is."

Title, I guess?

Cry; Done?; Quiet; Grow; Bloom; And try not to freak out.

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