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Context and Space


This is a series of artworks made to showcase an experience that the artist had with the road. The space that always felt like a non-place felt like the right place to be when the feeling of not belonging anywhere synchronized with the feeling that the setting outside (road) gave too and created a mirage of calmness. It felt home, deeper inside though it was formed by the feeling of home-less-ness. There are 6 small sketches of different roads. One A1 sized work showing the texture of the road and there is a paper installation showing the homogenous nature of the road.

Rainy days

This is a series of artworks in which the artist simply illustrates how her home looks like on a rainy day. Brother playing video games, mother making pakodas, father dancing around and she herself eating and listening to music. She tried to cover the details like the bowl kept upside down on the tea filled glass to show the intricacies of her experiences. These drawings were made while exploring memories and home.


This is a drawing of artist’s brother playing guitar in her room every night at around 10pm. It was the time when the siblings gathered to talk and rant and tell each other what happened through the day. The artist was used to sleeping off by the sound of his music. This drawing was made while exploring memories and home.

House in the wall

This is a drawing showing the dollhouse that the artist’s father built for her when she was younger. It was inserted in the wall. This drawing was made while exploring memories and home.


This artwork is a juxtaposition of an image taken by the artist through the time when she was recently diagnosed with depression and begun zooming into herself. The image shows a cockroach lying upside down which she clicked a picture of because she was zooming in her home life when there was nowhere else to go. Now, one can reread it in the context of Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Home – Cage – Home

This is a series of artworks that are collages made of 4 images that the artist took when the house was renovated to put more bars and sheds for protection which actually felt and looked more like cage. The first work is the formation of a house’s silhouette with the 4 images. The second is an abstract version of how her house looks from the front. Third artwork is referring to the game of stairs and ladder that she and her family had made out of those barricading metal rods. The fourth artwork is an exploration with the same images to make a house without it looking as dark as the first one.

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