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Cafe on a Monday Noon

Title: Cafe on a Monday Noon

Size: A5 Sized Cartridge sheet

Medium: Watercolors and Ink

Year: 2020

Description: Café on a Monday noon is a painting bringing together representations of the most important elements that attract me to a café on a weekday. A reason as simple as ‘unlimited internet’ is put along with ‘the comfort of astatic strangers’, making all the causes without the judgement of superficiality or depth equally important. Coffee itself, obviously is a key motive.

List of elements represented in the work:

1.Coffee, coffee cup

2.Book, opening up a galaxy of imagination

3.A child dancing around

4.A barista serving coffee

5.A barista making coffee

6.Doors of exit and entry, a person exiting with a cup of coffee and another person entering

7.A woman sitting at a table with coffee and laptop

8.A corner seat (where I sit) with my bag and notebooks etc.

9.A laptop (representing work)

10.Stones and land – showing how the whole situation makes me feel balanced and happy

11.Shoes – showing how I feel on my toes

12.Wi-Fi and plug point

Process notes:

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