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Material used: Acrylic paint, stamp pad ink, Lino-cut stamps, school course book and pages, markers, pieces of mirror, wire, air dry clay, spray paint This series of artworks comments on the futile nature of education system focusing on the part that it is a rat race.

Competition (Artist book: 9.5*6* 0.5 in)

The first one is an artist book made of a school book, filled with stamped rats depicting students, running towards an unknown yet socially praised goal throughout, forming unhealthy relationships with others under the pressure of competition, and even worse with themselves with no awareness of where and why they are running and what they want. The process is directionless and tiring but no one stops. For the audience to interact with this work, there is a choice for them to stamp a rat on any page, facing any direction, the message remains intact.

Confusion (Unique impression: 30*22 in)

The second work is a unique impression made through print making on 2D surface, there is a box in which numerous rats are suffocating, trying to fit in, trying to find a place for themselves but just feel confused and helpless.

Infinite (3D model: 5*7*4 in)

The 3D model, where a rat is kept between 2 sets of parallel mirrors, one can see infinite numbers of the rat running, scavenging, in all directions for ‘no time mentioned’ in hope to find the unknown, unclear goal of education system.

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