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The Noise

The Noise, that mutes the sound is a project I worked on through my college (MFA CAP). The output was in form of 3 webpages, the archival artworks were 3 videos and all can be accessed through this link:

The Noise

This project explores the adverse effects of the continuous bombardment of information on the internet. It brings into light the misrepresentation, miscommunication among people, existence of unsupervised incredible content, the presence of bias and enabling of the bias through promotion of specific ideas among targetted audiences that already lean in the favor of said bias, through unfortunate algorithms.

The proejct is attempting to display the issue by taking the example of people's understanding of the Coronavirus. A topic that probably shouldn't have multiple viewpoints. Respectfully keeping peoples' beliefs and faith aside, there is an expectation of objectivity to the scientific understanding of this subject - which is found missing on the internet today.

The sound of any form of truth is lost in the noise of views. And we wonder, why we feel so lost.

Note: This project was produced in 2020 November.

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