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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Not know what I think

What's that word, can you link?

What is it that I feel?

When in metro I sit

and earphones I plug in

and reading I seem to be doing

Recognize I nobody

But judgments I frame

Speak I nothing

But tests must all pass to retain (their value)

Surreal lands I then recall

some night, did I dream or think?

Lands I've never strolled on

Where the end is being kind

Humen were only humen

in my mind

Compassion was, what here's caution

and unknown didn't create the 'getting scared' fashion

Our 'beware' tendency, not against ourselves it prevailed

no hatred, no love, no, wait, do I berate?

May, hatred be no answer to the question of people

Be, love may/not happen in a glimpse of a person

Eureka! I think I know what I spake!

That word, that feel

it's called 'Strangeness'.

And as you read

And as we be

Another teacher teaches in school

“Don’t talk to strangers, please.”

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