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People need people

People need people.

Nobody seems to know, who is saving whom.

But the only way to go - it looks like - is just being kind.

The stories.

The faces and the thoughts.

People notice different things.

Interpret and understand differently.

We must meet many people and experience their lives with them. Sounds scary, vulnerable and could be painful. But, it’s a human connection and people’s stories aren’t just sad. There is always happiness and hope. There are always silver linings. If they are finding it difficult to see, it’s ok, you can witness them figure it out, and they will. They do.

People are smarter and more capable than we think they are, we are smarter and more capable than we think we are. And if you feel like you can and want to help, do it, direct, remind, give a mirror or a clearer lens.

If you think, this is a lot, and you feel a lot, it’s ok. Your compassion is a precious quality, just try to make what you can of it.

Accept and care about people, be inspired and give what you can give.

There is no need to keep it all to yourself, hold it tightly, no one is snatching. It's ok, everything is ok, you’re safe. There is also no need to not let people in, no need to keep intact that strong strong high walls. It’s ok, they’re not here to hurt, you’re safe.

And you must trust your heart when it says to you that you’re not when it feels unsafe or uncomfortable, it is, for you, and that is a good enough reason to step away. In that moment, show care for yourself, be kind to yourself and help yourself. Move, in the direction that feels safer, more comfortable and more helpful. And if you’re scared to do it alone, reach out to people you trust. You must have people you trust, so you must meet people. And people can be trusted. People want to be trusted and trust other people. You’re people, right? What do you want?

People can be really different.

And you can meet some people when you least expect. Beautiful. 🙂

And it’s ok if a person and you separate. And if, by their actions or presence, you hurt in ways and intensities you couldn’t predict or imagine. And if you did things you didn’t think you could do too. Whatever you interpret, you understand and feel is ok.

They are just people though. Just people. Little, vulnerable, lonely, confused, scared, seeking love and happiness, living their lives, taking their journeys, making their mistakes, seeing what you don’t, experiencing what you can’t even imagine, just little people, with so much to carry, so much and people whom you, from a distance, can be kind towards still. And other people you can give chances to. Be kind. Give chances. Give what you can. Make meaning. Inspire. Look intently. Listen carefully. Attend to. Share the moments of joy and pain. Let the person know they’re safe and they can be themselves. Be yourself. Show them how it’s done! And learn. Learn. They have so much to share. Receive. Share freedom, and share grounds, be together, you don’t need to be alone. You're not alone.

People need people.

It’s ok. You are ok. It’s ok. :)

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