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Mandalas with Shaily

As I mentioned in the first post about mandalas with Shaily, this is a small collaboration we did to keep ourselves conqnected and mentally alive through quarantine.

Doing things together helps feel less lonely and this sort of accountability keeps one motivated.

The 4 themes/prompts after the previously mentioned ones have been:

1. Floral mandala ( I think I digressed towards a foresty flora and fauna theme)

2. Mosaic mandala ( Patiently putting and later pulling the masking tape were satisfying experiences)

3. Moon mandala ( I loved making this one, I printed it in small sizes and used them as thank you cards, also changed background color to black for fun)

4. Madhubani (The woman has a mask on, whatever I might do, I can't escape the time I am in)

I took up more projects now so had to put this to pause but I loved doing these mandalas with my friend. :)

I hope you are doing whatever makes you happy and keeps you sane during this pandemic.

Stay safe and feel good!

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