• Semesta Cruinne


I don't know a better way to explain so I'll just write how I speak. This art thing is about the dilemma about what to speak and what not to speak. The painting is a distressed face. The two fisherpeople are in places of the eyes. The rod's top tip is the tip of the eyebrow which is frowning. The clouds are the temples (folds) on the forehead. The two fishes form lips and the biggest bubbles are like the 2 sides of the nose.

The cliff on left side has lines at top to slightly indicate hair (in relation to the face) and give feeling of sadness or morbidity and the right bottom is where the swirls originated which is the opposite of strai

ght lines in a way. The two fisher people kind of show polarity. The left one is pulling up the upper fish (trying to open the mouth) and the right one is pulling up the lower fish (trying to close the mouth) representing how a mouth feels pulled and pushed by the tension in the forehead confused on what to say and what not to.

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