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Title: Depletion

Size: 20cm*20cm

Medium: Watercolors and ink on paper

Year: 2020

Artist Statement: This painting is a representation of all that feels like is draining, because of the scary chain of events that have happened in the last few months. Fire at the Amazon forests - decreasing flora and fauna, the Kashmir lock down – killing any faith in our country’s government, the virus – lessening lives, paining, scaring the remaining, decreasing our touch with the outer world, the nature and a lot more that we suddenly feel to have lost control over. The painting’s background reference has been a zoomed in picture of a withering leaf. Asemic writing has been used, starting from top, lessening and scattering (as if giving up) as we go towards the bottom, explaining in inexplicable language how the incomprehensible reality, the depletion – feels like.

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