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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Look at all these magnificient people

Your destruction shall always make them eager

So doth you, something bigger

Shall you start from something meagre.

Ask you, no one - why?

For nobody knows, nobody will cry

Your despair, yours, your struggle, yours

Your own love, your own wars

And why you struggle against struggles, hay dear

Are not struggles enough? Think clear.

Shall you account only to yourself

No age shall stop you from step, next.

"When is that" people will forever tell

That is when, your fears shall dwell.

Do not worry, it's not just humans' habits

Look at the mountains, look at the valleys

Storms, rains, nature has it's own tactics

But if your story shall not remain tragic

Then against all you must still rise

For when you look at the world with sad eyes

You see, even gravity pulls you down a million times.

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